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golf clash


Golf Clash is an adventure game that requires one to use brains and strategy to fight the evil Blackguard, invade enemy islands and most importantly protect your territory. This game is on the Android and iOS operating system and is free for download.

Beach Boom has in-app purchases for some features that can help in battling for control over the Islanders; there is a Golf Clash cheats usable to avoid these in-app purchases. Golf Clash the game is downloadable in the Google Play Store for Android and the Apple Store in case it is an Apple device. Golf Clash does not allow persons under the age of 13 to play this game because of the aspect of violence in it.

Game Play

The game requires one to train troops then go ahead and conquer both player mode beaches, either single or multi-player. The battle takes place in an island setting, and with every territory captured, there are rewards in the form of trophies and resources.

Beginning the game, the only resources available are gold and wood. Gold is mainly to recruit troops for one’s army to be able to attack the enemy bases. Wood is the leading resource for building stations. In this stage, punching the weaker bases in the island is easy because one is not fully equipped for the fight with well-established bases. There are timers between fights to slow one’s progress in the game; the diamond resource helps skip these timers, but they either are; through rewards or by using the Golf Clash android cheat.

As the game progresses, it becomes harder and more exciting, because one should keep equipping the armory to avoid being taken over. Setting the base in a suitable spot is good to prevent attacks in unsuitable areas.

There are replays in the game to see where the enemy was able to attack, therefore the next time; one has to use a better strategy in the attack.

Tips and Tricks

  •     Upgrade and Equip

An excellent base should be very equipped to be able to resist attacks or even attack and in other territories. Acquire sawmills, stone, and iron to help in building one’s base and be able to have enough in store to attack other bases.

Radar upgrades are also essential to help one to see islands that one can attack. Sometimes, using an old radar will show that there are no other islands to attack.

These upgrades are available in the store, and one can buy them with the gold that one gets in the form of rewards.

  •     Plan

The strategy is essential in Golf Clash, attacks will be failing, and one will lose the game without a good attack strategy.

  •     Build

The more structures that one builds can help in the acquiring of resources that will help one learn other tools in equipping the base.

  •     Collect rewards

Rewards are for collection in the menu, after tackling achievements. They can be up to 20 diamonds or other resources.

  • Cheat Tool

Golf Clash cheat engine is a way that players avoid the in-app purchases. There are two ways to use the cheats. One is by downloading the Golf Clash cheat generator and connecting the mobile device to hack into the game for unlimited rewards. The other way is to go online and use one’s account to get the awards sent directly to the device.

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  • Updated May 2, 2018
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