Easy Steps To Get Free PSN In Your Account in 2017

I know everyone wants some free PSN codes generator. If you don’t, you really should. With PSN codes you can buy all of the best content online. It could be a real drag having to go back to the store every time you have to re-stock. Well, I found a 100% working way to get Free PSN codes without paying a dime (or a penny). You’ll never have to share credit card information or verify through phone too! Keep reading this guide for complete details! It’s easy as 1-2-3!

Step 1: Create An Account!

Alright, first you have to set-up your account. Sign up for this Rewards site and your set! Make sure you use a real email address so you can receive your codes through email. That’s it! You’re one step closer to getting free PSN cards!

Step 2: Earn Points! (1 Pt = $1)

Now that you have your account set-up, you can start earning points. To earn points all you have to do is complete 3-5 minute surveys/offers. These offers are simple to complete, and there are several guides on YouTube on how to complete the offers if you need help (which you shouldn’t). The best part of this site is that around 90% of offers credit, unlike other sites where only half of them do. Think about it; by completing offers for an hour, you’ll be able to get your free PSN codes in that time frame!

Step 3: Claim your Prize!

Now that you have some points in your account, you’ll be able to redeem them for any prize you want. You can even custom order from any legitimate site on the internet! So if you order your Free PSN code today, you’ll get it within 24-hours! Your free PSN card is easy to achieve. I have earned around $100 in free PSN cards and codes in less than a month!

It is this simple to get free psn codes and other prizes. My next title will be 120 GB Xbox 360 Harddrive. I should get it in a couple of weeks! So before posting a question or comment, re-read this guide to make sure you got the info absorbed.

  • Ryan
  • Updated June 7, 2018
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