Can You Spoil Your Cat?

Can You Spoil Your Cat?There is no doubt that cats are considered to be one of the most beautiful and charming pets. However, there are divided opinion as far as it loyalty and faithfulness to their masters is concerned. It has been found that in spite of the best of love and affection being showered on them, they have a habit of stealing and doing things behind the back of their masters.

It is quite common to see cats sneaking into the kitchens or stealthily opening the refrigerators and lapping up milk, fish and other food items. It is therefore not very uncommon to see many pet owners locking up their kitchens and refrigerators when they are not around. ( you can use this random animal generator to get random animal)

However, in spite of these problems they continue to be a much loved and adored pet. The question that often comes to our mind is whether cats can be spoilt or in other words do we as pet owners have a role to play in ensuring that these feline pets are better behaved and disciplined given the notorious background they often come up with. Let us try and find answers for the same over the next few lines. We are sure it certainly will help us to have a look at these pets from a different perspective and take corrective and preventive actions wherever necessary.r

What Is Cat Pampering All About

In their endeavor to give more attention to cats as pets many owners often look for some new and interesting ways by which they can give more attention to their feline pets.

There are many ways and means by which one can indulge in cat pampering. These could range from petting that is extended to giving them the best of toys and also serving them tasty, different and unique homemade meals. While there is nothing wrong in these methods of extra attention, often cat owner are accused of crossing the unspoken limited as far as attention to these pets are concerned.

Many pet owners may not agree and they may feel that it is all done with good intention. But there could be others who might feel that these so-called intentions might actually be spoiling these pets. Where does the truth lie? Is it possible to pamper cats beyond the limit or do the pets know where to draw the line? Let us try and find answers for the same over the next lines.

Moderation Is The Way Forward

Anything in excess often causes problems and the same applies to cat rearing too. The onus lies on the pet owners to ensure that they are moderate in their cat loving habits. While some may deny it, there are times when too much of pampering might actually occur.

This could spoil the cat and create an animal which is always greedy, needy and demanding. However, unlike with other pets such as dogs, the margin of error is quite big as far as cats are concerned. Those who pamper cats beyond the tolerable limits should understand where the limit lies.

Cats Need To Be Told Where The Limits Are

The onus lies on the cat pet owners to tell their felines that they ought to know where the limit lies. They must be taught some rules and boundaries which they should not cross. There are some areas of the home where some activities of the cats must be controlled and forbidden.

Unless these ground rules are in place conflicts between humans and animals are bound to occur. However, the good news is that cats are fast learns and if they are trained properly they pick up these limits quite fast and they also start following them. Hence if the ground rules are properly set up it might actually be difficult to spoil them as feared.

Does Too Much Of Attention Spoil Them?

This is a question which comes to the mind of many cat owners. The answer is probably yes. Cats which are given regular rubs and pets will start becoming habituated to it and will come back asking for more.

Is this a problem? While some owners might feel so, there could be others who might feel that this actually could be a benefit. They feel that this will help in strengthening the bond between the cat and the owners.

Do They Become Too Demanding?

It is quite possible that too much of petting and pampering will make the cats obstinate and they might become demanding. Hence too much pampering could be bad. But such instances are few and far between because cats know where the reasonable limit lies. In fact such expectation of love from the pet could help in further improving the bond between it and the pet owners.

What Is The Final Take?

When one takes into account all the above there are a few important things which stand out. While cats can be spoilt, even it is true the repercussions of so-called spoiling will not be something that should be of concern.

However, the onus lies on the pet owners to overdo petting and caring for the pet so that it becomes too much for them to handle as far as the pets are concerned.

The owners should be able to understand that such acts of pampering might not significantly damage the character of the cat but will improve the quality of life for both the stakeholders. However, there could be some exceptional and extraordinary cases where the spoilt cat could be trained and taught how to stay within limits. Further cats are independent and they know when and where to draw the line and this acts as an insulation.

There is no doubt that cat owners can indulge in some bit of cat pampering and still not run the risk of creating a needy monster. There is more likelihood that they will create a pet which is more loving. Hence spoiling a cat can be done only with a lot of effort. This is because such pampering will not create major problem for both the cat and the owners and should not be brushed under the carpet because of unfounded fear of pampering the pet.

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  • June 26, 2018
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